On www.FranchiseWorks.com – Muscle Beach Celebrates Historic 75th Anniversary. Muscle Beach fitness club will be a sponsor of this historic event celebrating the birthplace of fitness on July 4, 2009

Muscle Beach To Celebrate Historic 75th Anniversary

Muscle Beach, the venue that served as the foundational launch point for the multibillion dollar fitness industry, will celebrate its 75th anniversary on July 4, 2009 at Muscle Beach, Venice California. Multinational Brands, Inc., parent company of the recently launched Muscle Beach fitness club chain , will be one of many sponsors of this historic event celebrating the birthplace of fitness.

The fitness movement began in 1933 on a beach in Santa Monica, California. At this oceanfront setting, both men and women gathered to share their love of exercise. They performed various maneuvers, including gymnastics, acrobatics, ballet, pyramid building, and weight training. These activities eventually led to modern day exercise techniques and what is now known as fitness. This legendary, beachfront venue came to be known as Muscle Beach.

As the performances became more advanced, the public took notice and soon Muscle Beach was drawing thousands of facofag-alex.com spectators. It eventually became a mecca for exercise enthusiasts from all over the world, many of whom went on to become famous fitness personalities, such as Jack LaLanne, Joe Gold, Steve Reeves, Joe Weider, and Harold Zinkin. It also became a hot spot to many of Hollywood’s best known stars, such as Kirk Douglas, Clark Gable, Jane Mansfield, Mae West, and Jane Russell.

The popularity of Muscle Beach grew to such an extent that a similar location also offering outdoor weightlifting was constructed two miles north in Venice, where the Muscle Beach Hall Of Fame is now located. The celebration will include fitness legends, celebrities, dignitaries, Hall Of Famers, and fitness industry representatives. The Muscle Beach fitness club chain invites everyone who loves fitness to join them in Venice California on July 4th to celebrate this monumental milestone, one that no other fitness entity has ever achieved.

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About Muscle Beach
Muscle Beach, the flagship brand of Multinational Brands, Inc., is based on the legendary venue that facofag-alex.com served as the foundational launch point for the multibillion dollar fitness industry. It’s where fitness legends Harold Zinkin, Jack LaLanne, Joe Gold, Steve Reeves, Joe Weider, and many others, got their start. Its long legacy, deep lineage, storied history, and legendary reputation, have earned it unprecedented recognition, respect, and prestige. The brand was founded by Daniel Tschirret, BSBA, MBA, a 40 year fitness industry veteran, who is currently building it into the most globally dominant fitness club chain of all time.

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Televisions, EKG monitors, lab analyzer, computers among other types of electronic equipment contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chlorinated plastics (PVC) and brominated flame retardants. The solutions for computer recycling to ensure safe and legal ways of disposing the redundant computer equipment include:

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